Kumjing Janey In VEGAS baby!

Janey has been staying with Mariko Passion in LA and holding down the whore revolutionary front there since the last time you saw her. Then the opportunity to be in a show at the ERotic Heritage Museum came up and Janey and Mariko jumped on a plane to Las Vegas to get ready! Janey is a Kumjing migrant doll from Empower foundation in Thailand. This project has over 200 similar dolls installed at various locations all over the world with different activists dedicated to migrant workers rights. Each doll was made by a migrant worker in the villages north of Bangkok and represents their dreams.


In Memory of Lek-HoneyBee from Empower, Thailand 2010

Rachaneekon U-para  or as we knew her better, Lek from Empower died last week
after a short battle with cancer. Lek was one of our sweetest strongest
smartest and sexiest sisters.


RHODE ISLAND: the last bastion of decent legal indoor prostitution in DANGER!

Call your legislators today! (Numbers below)
The Rhode Island legislature is currently considering a bill, HB5044A, which
would recriminalize indoor prostitution. The main justification being
offered for passage of the bill is that it is absolutely necessary to
prevent and address trafficking into prostitution. Sex Worker Project’s
experience has been that arrests for prostitution related offenses are more
likely to hurt rather than help victims of trafficking, and rarely lead to
identification and assistance of victims.

http://newsblog.projo.com/2009/10/ri-house-committee-to-consider.html#at )

Criminalizing Sex Work to Combat
from http://www.sexworkersproject.org/advocacy/2009/ri-prostitution-bill/
What you can doPlease call or e-mail the members of the RI Senate Judiciary
to let them know that this is not the way to help victims of
trafficking! They are under tremendous pressure to pass this legislation,
and need to hear from people across the country!

Senator Leo R. Blais

Senator Maryellen Goodwin

Senator Paul V. Jabour

Senator Charles J. Levesque

Senator Erin P. Lynch

Senator Christopher B. Maselli

Senator John F. McBurney

Senator Michael J. McCaffrey

Senator Harold M. Metts

Senator Rhoda E. Perry

Migrant Asian Sex Workers and U.S Resistance Allies Unite!

I am available to be flown to your university!  This video is an example of at least 3 genres of my media activism.  I shoot, edit, and produce all videos on my youtube sites..Scarlot Harlot is my whore mother!

“Force, Fraud and Coercion” in Gardena?

12 arrested in prostitution raid in Garden Grove Options

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

12 arrested in prostitution raid in Garden Grove Westminster police say this is largest, most public brothel operation they’ve seen recently in area.


The Orange County Register

WESTMINSTER – Police on Friday arrested a 23-year-old Westminster man in
connection with running a brothel, which officials say is the largest they
have seen in the area.
Officers from the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force searched Thong
Vinh Le’s home in the 9800 block of Ashford Avenue in Westminster and his
place of business in the 9800 block of Katella Avenue in Garden Grove, said
Westminster police Lt. Derek Marsh. Eleven women, all of them Vietnamese,
suspected of prostitution were arrested at the location, he said. The names
of the women are not being released because they are being treated as
victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, Marsh said.
Police detectives were tipped off to the Garden Grove location by an
advertisement for massage services in a Vietnamese newspaper, Marsh said.
“The location was actually a chiropractor’s office that offered massage
services on the side,” he said.
Police are still looking into whether the chiropractor who owned the
business was also part of the suspected brothel operation, Marsh said.
This is the most “egregious” operation he has seen in the Little Saigon
area, he said.
“Usually these types of brothels are located in a strip mall,” he said. “But
this one was in an area pretty open to the public. There is a supermarket
there, a dentist’s office right next door. In fact, when we went there, the
door to the dentist’s office was open and there was a young child sitting on
a chair waiting to be seen.”
It is also unusual for police to find as many as 11 women, he said.
“The operations we see locally are usually much smaller and not as public,”
he said.
Le was the “pimp” who managed the women and the “front office,” Marsh said.
Customers, once they walked in, would be escorted inside the office that has
several rooms where visitors are “serviced,” he said.
“On the right side was a small alcove with a sofa where these women would be
seated and the customer could pick and choose the woman he was attracted
to,” Marsh said.
These were details undercover officers gathered during their investigations,
he said.

The task force also worked with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to determine the women’s immigration status. Marsh said three of the 11 women were U.S. citizens, three were “undetermined” and the rest appeared to have valid green cards.

“In such operations, we usually find that the women have been brought into
the country illegally and employed in such illicit operations,” Marsh said.
Last year, the Westminster Police Department, a partner in the task force,
received a $1.2 million federal grant, along with the Salvation Army, to
combat human trafficking in Orange County, but particularly in the Asian
American communities in and around Little Saigon where it is prevalent.
Marsh, who heads the task force, said his team partners with ICE, Salvation
Army and the FBI to investigate these cases and rehabilitate victims.
The old way of policing used to be to charge women suspected of being
prostitutes with misdemeanors and release them back into the community, he

“The new way is to treat them as victims, because most of the time they are, and try to rehabilitate them,” Marsh said.

*Contact the writer:* 949-553-2903 or dbhar…@ocregister.com

Please notice that the white vice cop’s job here is to STOP ASIAN MEN AND WOMEN FROM HAVING CONSENSUAL SEX WITH EACH OTHER.

help! More Migrant Asian Sex Workers Going Down in OC

Kumjing Janey at Sex Worker Fest 2009

Janey at the Center for Sex and Culture's Sex Worker Craft Bazaar 2009

Janey at the Center for Sex and Culture's Sex Worker Craft Bazaar 2009

My adopted Kumjing doll has finally been given some adventures for her interstate passport in her imaginary mind.  Janey is her new American name and she is enjoying herself at the 6th annual Sex Worker Fest in San Francisco. We drove up from Los Angeles, so she didn’t get any slack from TSA, our wonderful airport security system.  Janey was so amazed at all the people who attended the event that she was at.  She was able to  meet Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen and the festival’s creator Scarlot Harlot.  She sat at SWOP-LA’s craft table where we fundraiser $96 to support the sex worker travel fund! The Kumjing Dolls are an International art project that originates from Empower Foundation in Thailand, a sex worker organization that uses theatre to educate the community about labor rights, migrant worker rights and safety and help sex workers learn about STDs, work related English classes and more. Like Pinocchio in Disneyland, Janey  has finally after being on the shelf for 10 months, been given a life!  She is going to be part of SWOP-LA and working with Mariko on sex worker activist projects, as well as art activism projects.  The We Asian Sex Worker Art show needs to happen to Los Angeles, and Janey will definitely be a featuring artist of that show when it finally debuts in Los Angeles with a grant to bring Empower artists to the U.S..IMG_0258 Janey was adopted from Empower, when we met in Mexico City, and I experienced the greatness of the Can Do theatre and interactive learning model first hand.  They had a board game that played out the roles and labor, health and other work related issues that might befall the typical Go-Go Bar Stripper in Bangkok. Empower teaches workers about condom use and their rights and works with marginalized migrant workers who are even more marginalized than the average Thai sex workers.  They deal firsthand with trafficking rehabilitation camps where workers who are detained while their brothels are raided and they are rescued, and then sent to learn how to sew.  They have a great expenses, selling their merchandise.  They have amazing sexy girl posters and t-shirts for sale that really titilate… The MOST amazing thing about the Mexico City Global Village merchandise booths was that there was absolutely NO FEE to have a booth.  So all of us were there to just take advantage of the 20,000 attendees who would make their way inevitably the 20 minute concrete trail walk to the Global Village to spend money to support your organization.  Organizations like SWOP have no major foundation grants, and are not run on HIV/AIDS funding for counseling and testing..SWOP-LA and Empower use merchandising as social marketing tools, art and theatre and more to keep their leadership sex worker led and it works!  The face of an Asian sex worker who is not a victim shows up at Empower functions quite often…they are an inspiration to us all.